2019.01.10 Maid for You Original Soundtrack is released on itch.io.
2019.01.08 Maid for You is available for pre-orders for $4.99 USD here.
2018.11.20 Watch Maid for You Official Trailer here.
2018.11.11 Visit Maid for You's itch.io page.
2018.11.05 Added new screenshots from Maid for You here.
2018.08.20 Prank Masters is now available on Steam!
2018.08.19 Prank Masters FREE giveaway on Tumblr! Enter the raffle here!
2018.08.18 Win a FREE copy of Prank Masters on Twitter! Enter the raffle here!
2018.06.02 Prank Masters is released! Buy it on itch.io!


Buy Prank Masters

Halloween Sale 2019

Halloween Sale is now on! Prank Masters is 30% off on itch.io! Buy it here!

Offer ends on  8 Nov 2019

Artwork by Raiimue
Character design by krisppie

Maid for You Original Soundtrack

Maid for You Original Soundtrack is released on itch.io for $2.99 USD. Buy it here!

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year!

We welcome 2019 with open arms! Last year was a big year for us as we finally finished Prank Masters and released it in June 2018.

For 2019, our vision stretches to work on both Maid for You and Voiceful.

Artwork by Avaloki
Character design by krisppie

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas everyone!

Artwork by miuseorin
Character design by krisppie

Christmas Sale 2018

Prank Masters is 20% off on itch.io! Buy it here!

Offer ends on 26 Dec 2018

Artwork by xXYukiko111Xx
Character design by krisppie

Maid for You Official Trailer

The official trailer for Maid for You is here! Feel free to visit the Maid for You Official Website here.

Happy Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween from Lockvia Studios!

Artwork by xXYukiko111Xx
Character design by krisppie

Custom Name for Maid for You

After receiving feedback to change the heroine's name in Prank Masters, we decided to add this feature in Maid for You.

Ta-da! Here's the input name screen for our heroine! This means that you can customise the heroine's name to something else other than "Melina".

Maid for You Main Menu

We’ve been working on Maid for You’s main menu.

Prank Masters Steam Release

You’ve asked. We’ve listened. Prank Masters is coming to Steam. Visit the storepage here.

Prank Masters is Now Available

Prank Masters is now out! Buy it on itch.io!

Artwork by mijanee
Character design by krisppie

Release Date for Prank Masters

We finally have the release date for Prank Masters! It's going to be on 2 Jun 2018. So mark your calendars!

Artwork by eosbutt
Character design by krisppie

Pagebound Official Website

Pagebound is the title of our new otome visual novel. To give you a hint of the storyline, it's about a girl who likes to read non-fictional books, but instead finds out that characters from fictional books come to life, literally.

Find out more about Pagebound by visiting the official website here!

Extending Prank Masters Pre-orders

Thank you to everyone who had pre-ordered Prank Masters!

We are planning to have chibi CGs in Prank Masters and to make this come true, we are extending the pre-orders until the day we release Prank Masters. Again, we want to thank you for your support!

Prank Masters Pre-orders Now Available!

We have wonderful news today! Prank Masters is now available for pre-orders!

If you pre-order Prank Masters now, it'll be $14.99 USD and you'll also get the exclusive wallpaper and soundtrack for free! Pre-orders end on 31 Dec 2015.

After that the exclusive wallpaper will no longer be available and the soundtrack will be $5 USD. Pre-order Prank Masters on itch.io now!

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