2018.06.02 Prank Masters is out! Buy it on itch.io!
2017.09.15 Released Chapter 2 for Voiceful. Play it here!
2017.08.28 Released Chapter 1 for Voiceful. Play it here!
2017.08.09 Read the story for Voiceful here!
2017.04.28 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.26. Download it here!
2017.03.15 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.25. Download it here!
2017.03.05 Pagebound Official Website is up and running! Visit it here!
2017.03.05 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.24. Download it here!
2016.12.18 Updated Prank Masters Beta for Kadin's route to v0.02. Download it on itch.io!
2016.12.18 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.23. Download it here!
2016.08.05 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.22. Download it here!


Buy Prank Masters

Prank Masters is Now Available!

Prank Masters is now out! Buy it on itch.io!

Artwork by mijanee
Character design by krisppie

Release Date for Prank Masters!

We finally have the release date for Prank Masters! It's going to be on 2 June 2018. So mark your calendars!

Artwork by eosbutt
Character design by krisppie

Pagebound Official Website

Pagebound is the title of our new visual novel. To give you a hint of the storyline, it's about a girl who likes to read non-fictional books, but instead finds out that characters from fictional books come to life, literally.

Find out more about Pagebound by visiting the official website here!

Extending Prank Masters Pre-orders

Thank you to everyone who had pre-ordered Prank Masters!

We are planning to have chibi CGs in Prank Masters and to make this come true, we are extending the pre-orders until the day we release Prank Masters. Again, we want to thank you for your support!

Prank Masters Pre-orders Now Available!

We have wonderful news today! Prank Masters is now available for pre-orders!

If you pre-order Prank Masters now, it'll be $14.99 USD and you'll also get the exclusive wallpaper and soundtrack for free! Pre-orders end on 31 December 2015. After that the exclusive wallpaper will be $1 USD and the soundtrack will be $5 USD. Pre-order Prank Masters on itch.io now!

Thank You for Your Support!

We are sad that Prank Masters wasn't successful on Kickstarter. But we are looking at this as an experience to improve our campaign. We thank you to all of the backers who supported us on Kickstarter and all of the people who helped us promote Prank Masters by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!

Also, even though Prank Masters wasn't funded, we still have the drive to finish it!

So for our next step, we are going to have pre-orders on itch.io. That way when the beta version is out, you guys can start playing Prank Masters. We'll definitely let you guys know when this happens in the next update!

Prank Masters Original Soundtrack Album Cover

Look, Look! This is Prank Masters Original Soundtrack album cover! Do you like it? All of the characters are smiling (even Romeo)!

There are 12 tracks in the album composed by Shoko and Lizts. You can use the tracks for non-commercial use. The soundtrack is also a reward on Kickstarter, so check out Prank Masters Kickstarter page!

Prank Masters Kickstarter

We now have a Kickstarter page for Prank Masters! If you enjoyed Prank Masters Demo and would like to see it completed, feel free to visit our Kickstarter page.

We have also released Prank Masters Demo v1.02. In this version, we have a completely new script, added Juliet’s parents’ sprites, added another chapter, as well as a new chibi character unlocking option.

As always we love to hear from you, so if you have any questions, go ahead let us know!

Matthew Miller

Matthew is the youngest in the Miller family and he can sometimes be quite a handful. But he's always good at heart.

Get to know Matthew on Maid for You Official Website here!

Martin Miller

Martin is the middle triplet and he is logical and organised.

Read Martin's profile on Maid for You Official Website here!

Maxwell Miller

Max is the eldest triplet and he is also the most relaxed compared to his brothers.

See Max's profile on Maid for You Official Website here!

Charles Goodwin

Charles Goodwin is the head butler of the Haxhold Estate. He is gentle and very grandfatherly—to the point that Chloe thinks he spoils Eric too much.

Read a bit about Charles' profile on Maid for You Official Website here!

Austin Gilson

Austin works part-time at the Haxhold Estate mainly as Eric's butler on the weekends. He's very sensible, but sometimes he can be quite playful.

Find more about Austin on Maid for You Official Website here!

Chloe Rice

Chloe is known for her quick hands and straightforwardness. She may seem blunt with her words, but she's always telling the truth (except when she's sarcastic).

See Chloe's profile on Maid for You Official Website here!

Melina Miller

The heroine for Maid for You is Melina Miller. She's a caring sister who's always busy looking after her three little brothers. She honestly thinks that her brothers are hopeless when she's not at home.

Read Melina's profile on Maid for You Official Website here!

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