2017.08.09 Read the story for Voiceful here!
2017.07.21 Announced the title of a free otome visual novel, Voiceful.
2017.04.28 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.26. Download it here!
2017.03.15 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.25. Download it here!
2017.03.05 Pagebound Official Website is up and running! Visit it here!
2017.03.05 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.24. Download it here!
2016.12.18 Updated Prank Masters Beta for Kadin's route to v0.02. Download it on itch.io!
2016.12.18 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.23. Download it here!
2016.08.05 Updated Prank Masters Demo to v1.22. Download it here!
2016.04.08 Released Prank Masters Beta for Kadin's route on itch.io!



Prank Masters Kickstarter

We now have a Kickstarter page for Prank Masters! If you enjoyed Prank Masters Demo and would like to see it completed, feel free to visit our Kickstarter page here.

We have also released Prank Masters Demo version 1.02. In this version, we have a completely new script, added Juliet’s parents’ sprites, added another chapter, as well as a new chibi character unlocking option. Download the new Prank Masters Demo here.

As always we love to hear from you, so if you have any questions go ahead let us know! We love answering questions!

Spread the love by sharing this post and thank you for all of your support so far! We hope you’re excited about Prank Masters full version as much as we are!

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